Sacred Grounds Café has come a long way, from starting out as PopnComics and forming a strong community. We have evolved into a Café that still hosts everything from Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokémon, Warhammer, and so much more. With the start of Sacred Grounds Café, we aim to be the hangout spot for nerds and geeks everywhere.

We offer comfort food and fresh coffee for those that are looking to hang out and refuel. From Loaded Tots to fresh espresso from locally sourced beans, we have something for everyone!

We have a general play area that can host over 40 people, from casual play to tournaments we do it all. There are also 5 themed rooms that you can host your next D&D game or play some Commander games with friends. Each room has it’s own TV and play area and are rentable.


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Just moving to the North Port area I wasn’t sure of any comic book stores over here. This one came up and my wife and I decided to check it out and we were not disappointed. To very small store and is actually set up closely for tabletop games but there is a pretty decent little selection of comics around the sides of the store. The staff seemed very polite and friendly and the prices for some of the Comics were very comparable to what I’ve seen elsewhere. I’m sure go back to get a longer and better look at the place but for now I would Definitely give it 5 stars.

BRETT BARBER, Google Review
Just moved to Florida and I came by to find a new game shop to frequent and this will be that spot! Super awesome place with private rooms dedicated to all sorts of nerd stuff like mtg, dnd, warhammer, board games, video games etc. Really good food too! Got some tatertots and vegan nugs that were air fried and it was delicious. 10/10 place any nerd would enjoy

HILLARY, Google Review
Coming from someone who gets serious social anxiety in public- let me just say, Forest (one of the owners) made me feel so comfortable. I was there with my fiancé and I was so comfortable that I was able to get my homework done. Not something I get done at very many places. Definitely one of my new favorite places to go- even if it’s almost an hour away. 🤟

AMISH BRAIN, Google Review